We're a shade cloth manufacturer specialising in a wide range of decorative and functional shade cloth products, for all applications in farming and business.

We have a comprehensive range of agricultural shade netting tailored to improve spectral transmittance and provide the optimal lighting and protection for your crop. Our range of attractive and functional decorative shade cloths provide cover ranging from 3% to 95% shade, and come in a range of colours. This means that you can both choose the degree of shade protection you need, and fully customise the look of your shade cloth.

If you are a shade cloth manufacturer, our shade cloth product line will open up a spectrum of new and evolving opportunities for new product variants. Whether you provide shade cloths for vegetable tunnels, carports or creative ‘green' initiatives, the wide range of PlusNet decorative netting offers you great opportunities at the best possible price. We cover the whole of South Africa, and we are confident that we will be able to assist you in all your shade cloth and netting needs.

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Plusnet is more than just a shade cloth manufacturing company. We offer a wide range of functional netting to protect what is important to you