PLUSNET thinks Green. We manufacture the right netting products and provide the management expertise to aid responsible public and private sector managers to conserve and regenerate South Africa's natural environment.

We have had extensive experience in dune regeneration and protection projects and have designed netting especially for this purpose. PLUSNET has installed dune netting to avail in many coastal areas where dunes were suffering from wind erosion and deterioration of vegetation caused by human activity. The netting allows natural plant growth whilst affording protection from damaging elements.

Quarries, mining developments and construction sites carry the legal and social obligation to regenerate natural areas after they have been used. PLUSNET has a variety of netting that holds soil in place and creates growth pockets for re-seeding exploited areas. We are proud of our role in eco-regeneration and greening South Africa and welcome the opportunity to tender for contracts involving the supply and installation of netting for eco-regeneration purposes.

We invite you to contact us for more detail about the shade cloth projects we have undertaken and the ways in which we can support your eco-regeneration project.

Plusnet is more than just a shade cloth manufacturing company. We offer a wide range of functional netting to protect what is important to you