Hail Netting

At PlusNet, we manufacture Hail Netting designed to cope with the extremes of South African weather.
Our protection is a must-have for farms with high value hail-tender crops such as berries, soft fruits and vegetables.

Our Promise

All our netting products are SABS approved and guaranteed for 8 years.

Our Hail Netting protects valuable crops and property from the elements, while allowing rain to penetrate without damaging force. Our hail netting has high tensile strength that can bear a considerable weight of hail and comes in a variety of shade protection factors ranging up to 95%.
We offer a user-friendly consumer service that advises on the correct PlusNet product, and the applications therein, for your farming or business needs.

Our project management service ensures that your choice of Hail Netting is customised to suit your specifications, and then optimally installed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
Our comprehensive range of Hail Protection provides a fully-customisable option for the better security of your precious crops.

Contact us today for comprehensive product advice and quotes.
Another important PLUS factor for your purchase is the lower cost of buying PLUSNET products directly from our factory in Randfontein (Gauteng) or delivered to you. Give us a call for product advice and a quote, or just call in at one of our outlets. We are proud of our range and will be happy to help you find the right PLUSNET hail netting for your needs at the best possible price.
Plusnet is more than just a shade cloth manufacturing company. We offer a wide range of functional netting to protect what is important to you