Safety Nets

Safety nets are implemented to protect the lives of workers and the property and interests of employers. We have a range of safety nets, including: road nets, construction nets and mining nets - all SABS compliant safety nets for applications in various industries. These comply with all applicable industrial safety regulations.

Our Promise

Road Nets
Our road safety nets are available in long lengths and bright neon colours that attract attention even in poor lighting conditions. Not only do our eye-catching nets warn pedestrians of potential danger, but they indicate to workers which areas have been prepared for roadside cables and pipes. Our safety nets are knitted polyethylene, which makes them robust, weather-resistant and ideal for re-use on other sites.

Construction Nets
Construction nets are installed to protect workers on high scaffolding, as well as hard hat workers on lower levels, pedestrian workers, passers- by or spectators at sporting stadia under renovation.
Our construction nets are strong enough to take the weight of any falling materials and equipment.

Mining Nets

Our construction nets are fabricated in our factory, and are made from mesh fine enough to stop most objects from falling to the ground, while allowing for sufficient airflow and light to the construction site. PlusNet mining nets are compliant with Mine Health and Safety Act regulations. They are knitted polyethylene, making them resistant to the harsh effects of mining chemicals and ground water.

Our mining nets are easy to install as barriers to dangerous areas such as ore pass systems and development areas where they are crucial for protecting mine workers against potential rock falls. We produce dune safety nets that work against wind and water erosion and provide a secure base for re-greening mine dumps.

Safety, security, cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility - PlusNet safety nets cover every angle!

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